Inside the Tech Start-up Bubble | Dan Lyons | RSA Replay

Inside the Tech Start-up Bubble with Dan Lyons. What is the truth behind the Silicon Valley hype? Is it solid business or a hot-air bubble full of ‘wantrepeneurs’? Former technology editor at Newsweek and co-producer and writer of HBO’s Silicon Valley, Dan Lyons is one of the lone dissenting voices amongst the tech hype. He visits the RSA to reveal the dysfunctional culture that prevails in a world flush with money and devoid of experience. He provides a unique analysis of the sometimes bizarre start-up world; a de facto conspiracy between those who start companies and those who fund them.

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7 thoughts on “Inside the Tech Start-up Bubble | Dan Lyons | RSA Replay

  1. The bubble is gonna stay whole as long as there is quantitative easing and zero interest rates. It's gonna be interesing once they stop.

  2. Hasn't the employee pretty much always been screwed though, especially the start of their career-journey? This goes back to the origins of Ancient Rome and the Plebian soliders where a somewhat similiar situation occured…

    I see the evil in it, of course, but surely you only need to learn the lesson once (and if the jobs are short-term anyway then this is more plausible) and then take the experience learnt and apply it elsewhere with more strategy and diligence. – Likely eventually into self-employment where you have more control over your disposability.

    The higher turnover and more movement between companies can also be seen as a positive as it allows you to become more agile and adaptable with your skills.

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