How Can Gold Miners Outsmart Price Suppression? | Murray Nye

This interview is brought to you in part by Winston Gold Corp.

If you’re seeking insight into the gold business and where gold is going, don’t miss this first-ever Reluctant Preppers interview with a real gold miner!
We ask about the mega-trends that are driving and shaping the gold industry, and how miners can survive and thrive in the face of blatant price suppression – despite record physical demand.

Murray Nye, CEO of Winston Gold Corp, joins Reluctant Preppers to give us an insider’s view of the gold mining industry, and where major trends are taking us next. We dig into the paradox of suppressed prices despite record investor demand for physical gold, and the extreme challenge this pricing pressure imposes when designing a profitable gold mining operation. Murray further offers his enterprise’s latest update and outlook for both new and mature mines his company has acquired. Finally, we discuss how – even in today’s stalled economy – the mining industry can positively impact jobs and real families’ incomes, breathing new life into hard-hit regions of our country.


Gold Market Mega-Trends:
What vital factors are driving the business today?
– Worries and risk in the central banking system
– Gold production in decline due to lack of recent exploration, barriers to startup
– Economies cruising at stall speed
– Gold extremely under-owned in North America
– How is tomorrow looking: different or the same from the past?
– Gold is in a stealth bull market
– Gold proven through history as good to own as a hedge against many upsets: inflation, QE,

Record Physical Demand but Lower Prices?
Manipulation: attacks evidenced during recent Asian holiday thinly traded
US Mint running out of metals, had to halt coinage.

Mining Despite Price Suppression: Miners Going Bust or Able to Overcome?
How can mining operations succeed in the face of these suppressed prices?
Tactical “test mining phase” able to attract investment to prove profitable
Some miners having to “high grade” their deposits, consuming their best grade ore to maintain profitability during periods of suppressed prices.

How does Winston Gold Corp plan to Survive and Thrive in today’s challenging environment?
Have followed a strategy of acquiring higher grade assets, enables competitive cost/benefit advantage vs. others.
Experience in Montana and Arizona: many high-grade deposits, Winston site is near by highway & power line
Expect to have advantage when starting up operations.
New company, can adopt best-fit processes, practices, Capital investment to leap-frog past larger more
Moving forward on tactical steps to start test mining pre-production, prove with local contract milling service, expect this to be self-funding by producing sellable gold.
Extending use of mature mines to restart extraction with minimal cost.

Where Can I Find out More?
Phone: 204-989-2434
The company’s shares trade under Symbol WGC on the CSE in Canada and WGMCF on the US OTCQB.

This interview was brought to you in part by Winston Gold Corp.

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