Guy Kawasaki – 2 Startling Tips on How to Pitch to Investors, How to get investors for your startup

How to pitch to investors with Guy Kawasaki – How to get investors for your startup

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How you ever wondered what it would take to get the attention of a top investor like Guy Kawasaki? Do you know how to pitch to investors? How to get investors for your startup? How to get angel investors?

In this video Guy Kawasaki talks about what it takes to get his attention. Of the thousands of emails he receives every year he actually takes an interest in maybe 2 or 3.

So what does it take to successful pitch to investors like Guy Kawasaki? It comes down to two things only.

The title of your email and the first paragraph. That’s it.

If you fail on one of these your email will end up in the trash regardless of how good your idea is.

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