Financing Options for Startups and Entrepreneurs

seed funding for small enterprises is necessary and difficult to acquire. a business startup funding is a particular challenge during tough economic times, such as small startups need money to start when money is hard to find. During these tough economic times, it is difficult to obtain seed funding from traditional sources of business financing; especially for small businesses, which are considered at high risk of bankruptcy.

However, fueled by a growing unemployment problem (caused by narrowing of businesses and layoffs), individuals follow their dreams and open a small business. If their business idea is considered very strong and they have a unique product or service with a good strategic plan, they would be able to traditional business start-up loans. If one wants to get the perception of risk that entrepreneurs must be an alternative method of increasing the development fund.

The traditional financing business includes commercial lending organizations, banks and financial programs of the government. These agencies offer loan products, operating lines of credit, leasing and asset financing, and more. However, because of the current conditions of global financial markets, it may be difficult to qualify for start-up funding (lending standards tighter than most traditional credit wants a high level of security and low risk) and may also be a challenge to get cash in short-spreading loans to start business credit, asset finance or operating funds promised.

An alternative to traditional financing is to see if you could interest an angel investor in providing an investment in your business. Angel investors usually charge a higher interest rate and are for a short term period; they want an exit strategy in a given period (so they quickly want their money back with interest). Angel investors are often interested in high-tech industries and biotechnology; or other high reward (and high risk) industries. Angel attract investors, your business must be strong potential and rapid growth, a talented management team, a compelling business plan, and power prices. Angel investors usually look up to 50 percent equity in the company; It really depends on the business proposal and investment. Usually, you give some control when you develop a relationship with an angel investor.

Another alternative is to find a strategic partner or a strategic alliance that allows your company to reduce its cash as possible and / or start funding must build. It also means a company the loss of control; and may end up partnerships as marriages end in divorce. Yet another startup alternative financing is bootstrapping. Bootstrapping finance a start-up or growth of companies through non-traditional methods. Bootstrapping is on fundraising (for example, to start a new business), without initial capital. If you plan a company starting a significant investment in capital equipment, consider asset financing. The assets of funding will provide a loan for the equipment you buy to run your business.

For new entrepreneurs, which could mean working various jobs to raise money. Or reviewing your plan to start your business with less money and fewer products or services. Consider renting furniture, computers, sharing office space and administrative staff. Make sure that you carefully consider your cash flow needs and to project cash flow for at least two years. management of cash flow is a way to reduce the funding of start-up needs; effectively manage your cash flow by managing receivables, payables, inventories and current liabilities (in other words, increased revenue streams and reduce outgoing cash).

Other non-traditional business financing methods can be:

use of credit cards;
second mortgage on the house of the contractor;
equity loans secured by personal property; loans leading provider;
partial pre-payments or progress payments on large customers;
and / or loans from family, friends and associates.

For small business owners, obtaining funding to start your business or keep usually work a stimulating experience. Before you get the money you need to start loan, make sure that your business can support the level of debt and repay the debt schedule lender. You have a solid business plan and be able to present a strong business case to your lenders.

Financial lenders will be your knowledge, your ability and review your business proposal. You will probably need the money you need to put personal guarantees; This means you have the ability to save your guarantees. Unfortunately, all aspiring entrepreneurs came to the account credit to their credit. ready to start business and corporate finance are serious efforts. You will pay a lot of money and if your business fails, your money and your lenders or investors money disappeared.

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