E674: Mark Suster, Upfront Ventures: How to pitch to VCs, best founders, anti demo day, pro IPO

On location at Upfront Ventures, Mark Suster joins Jason to share the lessons he’s learned from both sides of the table, as an entrepreneur and investor. Mark lends insight into the hottest topics in the investing world: why VCs are obsessed with ownership, who are the best founders and why?, what does it really take to make it, the questionable value of demo day, how do you wow a VC during your pitch, handling zombie companies, coming to terms with a massive miss (hint: Uber), being bullish on Andreessen-Horowitz and on IPOs, and much more.

16 thoughts on “E674: Mark Suster, Upfront Ventures: How to pitch to VCs, best founders, anti demo day, pro IPO

  1. Mark, splendid. Very informational as a young startup cofounder based in Singapore. Jason, I appreciate your help on explainations however for listening purposes your extra comments, acknowledgements and interruptions would be best left for the end of an interviewees entire point only if necessary. Thank you

  2. Jason – FB ads are the single best ad product in the market right now. Google ads are now VERY expensive after 10-15 years of auction bidding.

  3. Excellent episode from both of you Mark and Jason! Greetings from Switzerland's 'Health Valley'. We will meet some day.

  4. I bet neither ever went to Africa judging bythe ignorant brush they paint with the whole continent. Stop watching your racist media's propaganda about Africa as some backward village with lions and instead, go and see for yourself if Africa has electricity or way to export its crops. Lol I was actually considering Suster until he made such boneheaded remark, if not racist. And please, stop using Africa as your testing ground for your sickly projects under the pretext of helping Africa!

  5. "Too many entrepreneurs are influenced by VC speak". This conversation is thought provoking and there are more Uber style companies to come. Don't feel the miss too hard.

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