(Dutch) #4 Key Takeaways Capital Waters Funding School – Amsterdam Capital Week

Capital Waters Funding School is an intensive program that will give you all the info you need about fundraising and investors’ approach. 5 days of interactive lectures, workshops and mentoring classes by high level experts that will help you get your pitch, teaser and investor deck at top level. Don’t miss the chance to broad your knowledge about funding and be directly connected to investors!

The program consists of 2 full days (22nd and 23rd of September) of knowledge and general workshops, with included a mentoring session by experts and investors for start-ups proposition, with the chance to directly make some useful investors’ connections. The Funding School will take place right before the Amsterdam Capital Week and startups will be “pinned” and stand out as “Certified” fully prepared startups. Investors in this way will know they are ready to get into a serious and hopefully profitable conversation with them.
We start on Thursday 22nd September (9.30-17 hrs) until Friday the 23rd (08.30-20.00). On Friday we will reserved some time to get you own pitch, teaser and investor deck at top level and directly connect to investors.
Start-ups, who would like to understand how to approach investors and get prepared for Amsterdam Capital Week.
Corporates, working with start-ups or playing a role within the funding process (advisors, innovation centers of banks, lawyers and investors) and would like to learn and improve the dynamics around the funding world.
Investors: On Friday from 16.15 investors are welcome to join us for a mentoring session, where start-ups are gonna show their investors Deck and Pitch and investor can provide them with feedbacks

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