Deeper #Switch! 2016 conference INFOBALT #SWITCH! startup pitching session 2016 09 07


Vytautas Dobilas is a COO at Deeper, UAB –an aspiring award-winning high-tech Lithuanian company successfully running high European standardsand proudly stating “Made in Lithuania” on its Amazon best-selling product package.
Vytautas has accumulated a plentiful experience working in corporate banking, commerce, public utilities and management consulting sectors, as well as creating and developing a number of start-ups. In his free time Vytautas is actively involved in Rotary, AIESEC Alumni,The Lithuanian Riflemen’s Unionactivities and mentoring at the international “LT Big Brother” program.Vytautas is sure, that gathering a team of professionals and fostering a high organizational culture is the key to Deeper’s successful development.

#Switch! 2016 conference

INFOBALT #SWITCH! startup pitching session 2016 09 07.
Each entrepreneur have 3 minutes to deliver their 6 slides pitch in front of a live audience of techies, media folk and investors.

1st place goes to Whatagraph
2nd place goes to WeBlend
3rd place goes to Interlinear Books

Konferencija „SWITCH“ – dižiausias Baltijos regione moderniųjų technologijų ir verslumo renginys, sutraukiantis daugybę pranešėjų iš įvairių šalių. „Infobalt Startup Pitching“ sesijos metu startuolių sumanytojai pristatė savo idėjas startuolių komitetui bei potencialiems investuotojams, o trijų geriausių idėjų autoriai buvo apdovanoti piniginiais prizais.

24 startuoliai pristatė savo verslo idėjas 2016 09 07 d. vykusiame renginyje Infobalt@SWITCH Startup Pitching Session.

#Whatagraph I VIETA
#InterlinearBooks III VIETA

Valuable lessons for price aggregator startup

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