Best Berlin Pitch Ever – The Donald Trump Edition

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You’re a startup founder in the US, and everything is great. BUT THEN: Trump is elected. What do you do??? You move your startup to Berlin (Germany)! This pitch tells you why that’s the right move – but in a fun way.

I did this pitch recently at a conference called “Valley in Berlin” to welcome our mostly American speakers to Berlin. The conference is organized twice a year by YouIsNow (, a startup accelerator in the real estate industry.

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5 thoughts on “Best Berlin Pitch Ever – The Donald Trump Edition

  1. Mars Dorian

    Berlin/Germany is way too bureaucratic and over-regulated to become a serious competitor to the US or Israel. While the city is cool and hip, it's poison for setting up a successful business.

  2. Urs Rothmayr

    Simply excellent! There's a lot of work behind it, but you definitely deserve the attribute Pitch Doctor! Did you got entrepreneurs from other European cities to pitch their capital?


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