B CRUZE _ K-Startup _ TV show [Shark Tank] parody _ Part 1

Business knows no boundaries! There are 2 foreign gentlemen right in the center of Korean startup scene.

Alex Gershon is the brains of Business Development at Estmob, Inc. Estmob is the startup behind Send Anywhere, a file sharing service.

And we have Andrew Williams, CEO and co-founder of Q-PET, a software education platform for IT beginners.

In this episode of B CRUZE, we will talk and learn about their lives in Korea and their jobs as business entrepreneurs.

Our host teams, AtoB and Baeppy, will see what it’s like to be in a startup!
For the challenge, both teams will pitch their own ideas like in the American TV show “Shark Tank” and see what our guests have to say about their ideas!

What ideas do you think our hosts pitched?
Watch to find out!

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