Ask @Jason: For a SEED pitch, what is best to focus on?



Ask @Jason: For a SEED pitch, what is best to focus on?-w/@jason-THX @DesignCrowd

After years of angel investing, Jason constantly receives questions from the public. Today, he answers 11 common questions for 2016, some that are timeless, others about the moment — from advice for introverts to self-promote to approaches to tackling growth, from how you get intelligence about your competitor’s pricing to the secret to finding a technical co-founder if you are a non technical founder. Plus, find out what Jason thinks is most valuable to focus on: product, market, growth, team, prototype? All this and much more.

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  1. Jason, this is an amazing content you are putting out! Thank you so much. Watched this series while taking notes and tips. Thank you. Can't wait to apply it all in real life. Please do more of this, you have an amazing personality and no BS filter on. Saying it all just how it is.

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