a day in the startup life

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This vlog follows the ups and downs of founding an impact-driven startup in New York City and the adventures it takes me on. I talk about entrepreneurship, UX, faith, fitness, balance, and doing good.

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7 thoughts on “a day in the startup life

  1. What do you use to keep the external harddisk attached to your Macbook? Loving the videos by the way. I'm a software engineer at a startup here in NY as well, kinda thinking of doing the same thing.

  2. is that whole office faith box or do you share the space with other businesses and if so what do you have access to use?

  3. sucks not being able to use the PC while editing. I keep telling myself your work building looks familiar and it does! I had an interview in that building late last year.

  4. Hey Willie I have a couple of question.
    1. What inspired you to start faitgbox and what inspires you to keep going?
    2. Any advice for someone that feels like their in a slump in terms of their career and life?
    3. I know you're a startup but do you run any internship programs and if so have you ever considered an international internships? I really like what you're doing and would like to get involved somehow.

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