323rd 1M/1M Roundtable For Entrepreneurs September 29, 2016: With Asheem Chandna, Greylock Partners

During this week’s roundtable, our guest was Asheem Chandna, General Partner at Greylock. The discussion was specifically focused on the topic of funding fat startups, something Asheem has done routinely, one of the very few VCs still doing so. Very interesting discussion.

As for the pitches, first up pitching, Perry Oostdam from Amsterdam presented Recruitee, a SaaS applicant management system that has garnered about 2000 customers worldwide. It’s a crowded field, and Perry is trying to figure out the strategy for scaling the business.

Renetssa Sustainable Technologies
Then Srinivas KM from Hyderabad, India, pitched Renetssa Sustainable Technologies, a concept stage venture for building cold storages all over rural India to plug the immense wastage that happens in Indian agriculture sector. The business needs to be analyzed at a financial level in a lot of detail to gauge whether it is at all feasible. The pain point exists, but is this concept viable?

Next, Ashutosh Dabral from Bangalore, India, pitched VoyageUp, a social networking app to connect people who are on the same WiFi network at a given time. Ashutosh is looking at several use cases – conferences, youth hostels, airports, etc. He needs to find not only one that sticks, he needs to find one that is monetizable. Otherwise, there is no reason to do this business.

Innovation Discovery
Last up, Carol Rivis from Italy pitched Innovation Discovery, an innovation idea, people, and eco-system databse. The project seems too fuzzy to me at this stage, and I wasn’t convinced about its viability.

You can listen to the recording of this roundtable here.

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