2016.09.07 【Monthly Webinar 】 Marketing for Startups

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Building a brand presence for any start-up is no mean feat — let alone in Taiwan, where a new wave of start-ups are just beginning to make waves in Asia’s burgeoning tech scene.

This month, Caroline Hsu, CMO for Appier, will draw on more than 18 years of experience to offer thoughts on:

● How to define, establish and build your start-up’s brand.

● How to avoid common mistakes that many entrepreneurs here make.

● Marketing challenges that Taiwan startups face both at home and abroad.

● The difference between Silicon Valley & Asia, and what we can learn about marketing from our peers in the US.

Caroline Hsu, Chief Marketing Officer, Appier Inc.

Caroline has over 18 years of experience in the industry, working in Asian, American, and European companies.

Prior to joining Appier as Chief Marketing Officer, Caroline served as Head of Communications for Google Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Previously Caroline also led marketing communications at TomTom Asia and Dopod (now HTC), as well as brand communications at BenQ.

“ConnectedWebinar” series is a monthly live webinar series, which aims at connecting passionate local entrepreneurs with global thought leaders.

Our members attend almost all start-up events, to find popular pain points Taiwan entrepreneurs are facing. Later, we invite Silicon Valley thought leaders in that specific domain to share their live experience, and to provide us their lessons and learns.

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