Spigen Tough/Slim/Hybrid Armor Review – iPhone 7 Cases

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There are a ton of different variations to these cases. Make sure you get the right one!

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If you get the right version, you’re going to have a great feeling and fitting case for your iPhone 7 that will protect it from most normal day usage. The design of these cases has actually changed slightly when compared to previous versions which is neat to see Spigen evolve their products.

My biggest gripe with the cases is the amount of variation between the same case. It took a bit to wrap my head around all the different versions.

For my Spigen Tough Armor, Slim Armor and Hybrid Armor review, the Tough Armor scores the highest at 4.2 Eh’s out of 5. The Hybrid Armor and Slim Armor don’t protect your iPhone as much as the Tough Armor and score between 3.8 to 4.0’s. The range of scores is to take into account the variations of the cases.

In terms of design, the Spigen Tough Armor is the biggest of the group. In fact it will make your iPhone 30% thicker whereas the Slim and Hybrid only at about 23% extra thickness. Every case will add about 2mm or 5/64’s of an inch which might be noticeable. Despite being larger, the Tough Armor surprisingly doesn’t weigh any heavier than the Slim and Hybrid Armors.

The Polycarbonate shells and TPU sleeves fit well together which makes the iPhone feel quite safe in the cases. In terms of having the cases sliding around, every case sticks to a flat surface like glue when placed facedown but if you get on normal coated polycarbonate shell, it’s going to slide around like Monty on ice. The cases with the soft-rubber coated polycarbonate shell don’t have that problem.

The cases with the soft-rubber coating scratch a little quicker than the normal polycarbonate shells which isn’t great. But the cases with the soft-rubber coating work way better in your hand and the texture of the coating is awesome.

Confused yet? Here’s another curveball. There are transparent TPU sleeves for everyone of these cases as well. I prefer the transparent sleeves as the material is a little grippier than the black TPU but the only case that has both the soft-rubber coating and clear TPU is the Hybrid Armor.

For protection, everyone of these cases is drop-rated to Mil-STD 810G. which means they’ll protect your iPhone from at least 4 ft drops. Which as you saw at the beginning, is generally true.

Every case uses Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology which basically means tiny pockets of air protect your iPhone during drops which is fancy. The edges on the case are high enough to use thicker glass screen protectors and still keep the screen off a flat surface.

The biggest difference between these cases in terms of protection is the extra dust protection that the Tough Armor offers. Spigen added speaker grills on the Tough Armor that project sound forward so in my opinion, that offers a bit more protection for the iPhone. However, these modified speaker grills didn’t show up on the iPhone 7 plus version of the Tough Armor.

None of the cases we received came with screen protectors.

I didn’t have any issues with the functionality of the iPhone inside the case. Buttons worked well, the edges of the case didn’t get in the way of the screen and you could access the lightning port with ease. I will note that the buttons sit flush against the case which may bother some people as you’ll have to get use to groping your iPhone a bit before finding the right button. The Slim and Tough Armors got extra points for the kickstand. If you get the versions with kickstands. Frick.

One-handed usage was decent for every case as long as you got the soft-rubber coated versions.

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