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Recently, the first instances of NVIDIA’s next generation graphics architecture have been uncovered in the wild. Here the latest news, update, specs, details, possible release date of NVIDIA Volta GPU will be discussed.

NVIDIA Volta Latest Update Revealed

The NVIDIA Volta was noted that it will shrink to 12nm, based on a post in a Beyond3D forum. However, the team at WCCF Tech has been speculating about a 12nm Volta since at least October of last year.

Hence, the TSMC’s 12nm technology has been characterized as a refinement of their 16nm process, the same one used to manufacture NVIDIA’s current Pascal GPUs, according to ISports Times. TSMC’s next major process also node is 10nm, which will supposedly be ready early this year, at least for less muscular chips than that of high-end GPUs.

Why TSMC Wants To Build NVIDIA Volta On 10nm Technology?

According to Top500, the 10nm technology was certainly the process node that NVIDIA would have wished to use for its upcoming NVIDIA Volta because it’s promising a 20 percent performance compared to the 16nm process. In any case, one would assume that future renditions of Volta products will be manufactured on 10nm technology or even 7nm technology.

However, Volta isn’t all about silicon shrinkage. The new architecture is also in line for a reworked design with regard to its streaming multiprocessor (SM), the computational engine that powers all NVIDIA’s GPUs.

The SM update will deliver a better performance and more power efficiency than its Pascal predecessor, irrespective of transistor size. And of course, the design difference between Pascal and Volta will be much more significant than the one between Maxwell and Pascal.

How Good Is The NVIDIA Volta?

WCCF Teach reported that NVIDIA Volta GPU Chip would have twice of everything that Pascal has. The NVIDIA Company will also double the Volta Chip memory capacity, computation efficiency, and faster bandwidth.

When Will The NVIDIA Volta Be Released?

Last year’s report claimed that the Volta will be released around 2017. But as far as many reports rendered, both systems are on track to be installed before the end of 2017 and might go into production as early 2018.

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