SpaceX Relaunches a Falcon 9 Booster for the First Time (SES-10)


See comments. In a world first, SpaceX relaunches a Falcon 9 booster, which first flew in April 2016 launching CRS-8 to the International Space Station, to launch the SES-10 satellite to a geosynchronous transfer orbit.

Credit: SpaceX

Landing of this booster the first time

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  1. About the landing, the hosts clearly state that the rocket's engine, as it descends to the barge, shakes the barge and therefore the satellite dish (which needs a direct line of sight to an orbiting satellite) resulting in loss of signal. I recorded this live and the whole landing was not available at the time. If you want to see this booster's landing from last year, look here

  2. Что это за цирк ? Американцы сделали свою первую ракету и радуются )) Теперь начнут в космос летать .
    Илон Маск пилит очередной миллиард )))

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