SpaceX hot fire test: is a routine pre-flight procedure to help engineers.


SpaceX hot fire test: is a routine pre-flight procedure to help engineers.

SpaceX briefly shot the nine engines of the first stage of a previously-flown Falcon 9 first stage rocket Monday in a pre-flight dramatic test to clear the way for the launch of an SES communications satellite Thursday. The launch will mark the first flight of a used reinforcement, a key element in the founder’s unit of the company Elon Musk to reduce launch costs.

Nine Merlin 1D rocket engines roared to life at 2 pm EDT GMT-5 and closed about three seconds later. An undulating cloud of white escape bloomed for 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, which rises in the evening sky and rapidly dissipating.

The short static firing, or hot fire test, is a routine pre-flight procedure to help the SpaceX engineers to verify the rocket is ready for launch.

The analysis of telemetry assuming it confirms the good performance, SpaceX should be clear to go ahead with its plans to launch the SES-10 broadcast station Thursday at 6 pm, opening a window of two and a half hours . Forecasters predict a 70 percent probability of acceptable time.

The SES-10 satellite, built by Airbus Defense and Space, can be used to provide direct-to-home television services and high-speed data services throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. SES was one of the first of SpaceX, the first commercial client of the rocket builder and the first to sign up for a ride on a proven flight reinforcement.

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