Mars Crater Ice – "Where There is Water There Is Life," NASA Says

It is fairly interesting that people still believe there is no life on Mars; Many scientists believe that that's just nonsense, and religious superstition talking. NASA says; "where there is water there is life," and on Mars they found creator ice, so there is life and it will be life that we can recognize too. In fact, anywhere we find water or ice on any planet we will find life. How so you ask?

Well, NASA recently found amino acids in common dust, and that means that the Comets which fly around and hit planets contain the building blocks of life, and if there is energy, water, and gases, there will be life. Therefore, there is life on Mars, we will soon find it, and all the religious folks are going to have to deal with it somehow.

If their religious text can not handle the problem, their religion will have to yield to truth. Or it will have to modify itself to try to explain why there is life on the next nearest planet. Meanwhile, if there is life on the next near planet, there's probably life through our solar system on every planet.

If there is life on every planet in the solar system, there is probably life on other planets in other solar systems. And since all the planets of the solar system from time to time are trading debris, from collisions of asteroids, metors, or comets then explicitly, if there is life on one of the planets in the solar system there is most likely life on other planets within that same solar system.

With this now known there must be an incredible amount life in the universe, almost everywhere. Someone needs to wake up Drake, and help him redo that equation, because there's a good chance that it is more likely to have life on any given planet that not; meaning that most every planet probably does have some type of life on.

We are not alone.

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