Sony’s Black Friday Sale Is Now Live [Updated]


UPDATE #3: The Black Friday console bundles are now live with the following options available.


  • PS4 500GB Slim + FIFA 17 + Uncharted 4 = £199.99
  • PS4 500GB Slim + Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare = £199.99
  • PS4 500GB Slim + Watch Dogs + Watch Dogs 2 = £199.99
  • PS4 500GB Slim + Grand Theft Auto V = £229.99
  • PS4 500GB Slim + Battlefield 1 = £229.99
  • PS4 500GB Slim + LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens + SW: The Force Awakens BluRay = £229.99
  • PS4 500GB Slim + Overwatch + Ratchet & Clank = £199.99 (GAME Exclusive)
  • PS4 1TB Slim + Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition = £229.99
  • PS4 1TB Slim + The Last Of Us Remastered + Uncharted 4 + Driveclub = £249.99
  • PS4 1TB Slim + Uncharted 4 + Ratchet & Clank + Driveclub = £249.99

You can view all the deals through here and then select the retailer of your choice if you wish to place an order on any of the above bundles. Well except for that GAME exclusive one since you’ll have to go to them directly for that.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to theicebucket who has spotted that the #PS4BlackFriday does indeed start at 8pm tonight, and will feature discounts on the console(s) themselves. We will let you know as soon as they go live.

Whatever happens, demand for the deaks will be huge, as mentioned further down they have advertised that crap out of this deal. From the image teased on the PlayStation Twitter account it looks like the deal may be for Slim PS4 and two games, the chances of the Pro having any meaningful price cut are, ironically, slim.

Update: Well, it looks like all the digital discounts have already gone live on the PS Store. Scroll down for the list of games below the original story and tell us if there’s any bargains you’ve spotted, but here’s some of our personal picks:

News reaches us that there will be some serious discounting on the PSN starting today at 8pm. You probably already know this if you have been outside as – in London at least – it’s rather hard not to miss, The electronic billboards on the side of bus shelters and all throughout the tube are flashing up pictures of the PS4 and the message “Search #PS4BlackFriday” from 8pm tonight.

You may also spot that today’s Shortlist magazine, which is available in larger cities, also sports the advert, and the back page boasts that the PS4 has been the UK’s best selling console three years in a row.


As soon as the details of the same are up we will post them on TSA. Stay tuned, and happy Thanksgiving to all our American chums.

And the list of all the games on offer:


PS3 and PS Vita

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