Sony Xperia Z5 Premium vs Moto X Pure Edition – Speed Test (curiosity test who wants to upgrade)


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  1. Spot on with the music choice. The Z5 seemed to be the better multi tasker of the two, however, it still lost while not only pushing less pixels but also being a bit cooler lol. I guess even Sony's cooling solution can't help the 810's heating problem. Lastly, even though the device thermal throttles does it still remain smooth and slightly warm to the touch?

  2. I am a brazilian big fan off your vídeos, congratulations man, they are amazing. One question? Do you moto x style/pure the best speaker in the moment? Sorry by my bad bad english…

  3. I wish that Sony will stop using the 810 because they already know that it has a problem with overheating. Yes, they're smart since they used 2 ventilating tubes to release the heat but it doesn't really helped the phone to cool down, but only releases the heat. The 808 is just easy to be optimized, they must learn that from LG. I love this phone but if they cannot fix this problem, I'd probably choose the G4 or V10 instead. But anyway, great idea changing your background music, I like it. Good video as always

  4. This is Great work.. Good music and feel… Well done, btw your Android authority comment on the battery life video got me here, so KEEP commenting and increase your subscriber base… Also I just subbed :D

  5. I have a sony Z5 (not premium) and it is a very good phone, it nevers lags, it's a very very good package all around, awesome battery life, it gets warm after 15-20 min of gaming, but nothing too serious. I was going for the moto X but the 5.7 display is too big for me. Both awesome phones.

    note: if your drop your phone alot then go for the moto X the build quality is the best !!!

  6. These comparison videos are really interesting! I thought the Sony would win, but the Moto X crushed. Motorola has done a great job with the X Pure.

    Just one question. The Moto was running at QHD and the Premium at FHD, correct?

  7. love the design of z5 but would like the performance of the Moto x.. know of any device as thin with good specs as the Moto x?

  8. Hi, L BS, may i know why in some videos, while running 3d mark, the moto X takes really long displaying the trees in the snow (like the xperia does in this video), but not in this video? What are the variables that cause this difference? Do you also think black models throttle less than say, white models?

  9. Turns out my next device is a Moto X Pure, great to see how it can beat other devices, that was an epic battle… Good video man.

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