Sony Xperia X Performance Android 7 Nougat New Features vs Xperia Z5


Sony Xperia X Performance Android 7 Nougat New Features vs Xperia Z5

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  1. Noticed a couple differences between this and the XZ version, though mostly the same. XZ version is also faster, as covered in my previous speed test. Will do videos on X Compact / X Android N once it arrives in my region. And of course Z5 series/Z3+ and other phones Sony eventually releases it to.

  2. When Google first forced all manufacturers to use that doze mode it broke the stamina mode making it super useless.
    Now with the Nougat update the stamina mode seems that it was resurrected and it is once again working as it was back then on the Xperia Z2 and Z3 using Android KitKat.
    Some times Google mess up thing to OEMs… same thing happened to the super cool saving mode(and ultra saving mode) from Samsung but it was not as much crippled as the Stamina mode on Sony's phone .

  3. hello, I'm thinking of getting myself either a Xperia X or a Xperia XP and battery life is my first concern, how's the battery life on Nougat for Xperia XP? how long will it last for daily usage? and if you ever compared it with Xperia X, which one's better? thank you so much

  4. i noticed one problem in thus update on my xperia z5 compact : the volume (sounds) got lower that before actually its too low than before now i dont know if any one noticed this problem ??!!

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