Sony PSP Vs. Nintendo DS


The PSP or PlayStation Portable was manufactured and sold by Sony Computer Entertainment. It comes with a bright and wide screen. It looks trendy because of its sleek body. It is not only a game console but a multimedia system.

The device can also play music, acts as digital camera, allow you to use GPS, display pictures, built-in web browser, and play UMD or Universal Media Disc movies; all saved in the memory card/stick. The game library is larger; more games. Example of PSP games are FIFA World Cup, BattleZone, Blood Bowl, and Dragonball Evolution. One of the best features is that the PSP can interact with PS3 as long as you have Wi-Fi connection.

On the other hand is the DS which is also known as NDS or Nintendo DS. It was manufactured by Nintendo. The initials stand for Dual Screen because it comes with 2 LCD screens inside, and comes in a clamshell design. The design is similar to Game Boy Advance SP. This Nintendo product can play video but is only limited to Nintendo Game Boy Advance video cartridges; in low resolutions. You can play it with the game buttons or a stylus or even touch screen. And the whole console is smaller than PSP; thus it doesn’t look bulky as compared to PSP. It is also cheaper than PSP.

There are two other versions of the DS system, one of it is the Nintendo DS Lite which is about the same as DS but slimmer, lightweight and brighter. The other is Nintendo DSi which is the third iteration of the DS system, succeeding DS Lite and is now the seventh generation console of all. Examples of games playable on the devices are Alvin and the Chipmunks, Baby Life, Lego Battles, and The Mahjong. There is a Game Boy Advance slot in DS. Therefore, you can still play the Game Boy Advance games in your DS without having to get another game console.

Both PSP and DS are portable handheld game consoles that you can bring along with you. There is no need for you to be at the location to play games. They are small enough for you to put into your bag. Both consoles are also capable to go online. Therefore you can have wireless multiplayer action with your friends and family.

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