Sol Invictus: The Unconquered Sun – Introduction


Ohio University – MDIA 490/590 Creative Visualization Class Project. A collaboration by The Game Research and Immersive Design Lab, School of Media Arts and Studies, and the Online Journal of Space Communication.

Instructors: John Bowditch, Don Flournoy, and Kyle Perkins
Students: Steve Buchanan, Jay Chaffin, Jacqueline Deavenport, Connie Nemec, Chris Ovak, Victor Sherrick, Jason Showalter, Jessica Staub, Phanuthep Sutthithepthamrong, Doug Trein, Samantha Williams, David Young, and Joey Zhang

Narrator: Doug Trein
Advisors: Keith Henson and Dennis Wingo

Stock Footage from NASA, Footage Firm, and SpaceX

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