WTF 30 day ban for calling a rape apologist a shithead and telling him I hated him.

I’m seriously confused – how is “shithead” and “I hate you” to someone posting hate aimed at rape victims deserving of a 30 day ban? Especially when I see people saying far, far worse (I don’t see anyone being banned for rampant racial slurs for example…)

I saw Mr “women are liars lololol” on a group I was on, flamed him, and literally got 30 days in FB jail in less than 5 minutes after that.

Is there a way to get Facebook to realize you’ve been targeted for unfair reports/somehow the algorithm is messing up? That, you know, the guy defending rapists and calling women liars is PROBABLY more of an issue than your language toward him is? Personally, I’d just like to be able to use the service again without having to worry about being banned.

What’s worse is I see threads with Nazi spam on them all the time, have reported said Nazis, and I always get back the response that they could do nothing to remove that.

Edit: I don’t even necessarily have an issue with flaming or bad language bans, but 30 days for something that isn’t a racial slur or a physical immediate threat of violence or similar seems excessive? I wouldn’t have an issue with being kicked off one day or even a week for using foul language but 30 days for that unless again you’re actively calling people the n-word or something seems a bit over the top.

One thought on “WTF 30 day ban for calling a rape apologist a shithead and telling him I hated him.

  1. Facebook is for relating to “friends,” not for attacking other people. If the person is breaking the rules you can report him, otherwise your only options are either to communicate in a civil manner or else don’t say anything at all.

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