What Are Social Ads on Facebook?

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Did you think that social ads on Facebook sounds like some kind of dating service? If you did then you would be rather mistaken. Just exactly what are these ads?

Social ads (Facebook style) are a way of pairing advertisements with social actions, so that while your friends and target audience are in the process of networking you automatically come into line with and match their current social interests.

These ads can be designed by you and set up to appear in the advertisement space or on the Facebook homepage. Social ads from Facebook are a step up from your usual fan pages and social networking pages.

They are a tool for the more business savvy who want to do business but at the same time be in line with the social scene in the largest social networking site in the world.

As businesses need to get smarter and more aware at interacting on the level of its audience, social ads Facebook are a MUST for anyone considering a serious advertising campaign.

Not only are Facebook ads one of the most effective ways to reach your exact target audience, they are cheap and you only pay for the traffic you get. In addition you can continuously monitor and edit your social advertising activities on Facebook through the "manage your ads" tool.

Facebook ads are unlike almost any other form of advertising, you can turn your business into a social entity with its very own current social interactions using ads Facebook. You are basically creating a social being / profile which matches with the target audience – just in a virtual setting.

Lots of communication is now done online, so you will be viewed in the same light as the users friends and social groups who they interact with daily on Facebook. What more could you ask for? Become their friend, get their trust and then give them what they are looking for in the way of products or services.

Use social ads Facebook style to your advantage and you'll probably soon get yourself a loyal and dedicated following of fans.

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