Websites – The New Business Card

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Websites are slowly becoming the de facto standard of getting information out to different groups in an organized efficient manner. The explosion of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter & Plaxo have also helped make this communication easier. Having a website gives the owner one more way to tie in the social networking aspects and at the same time, open up a whole host of opportunities. With a website used in conjunction with a networking site or account, one could take a specific topic or event and promote that event, topic or idea on their website.

Coupled with the use of various plug-ins, the site owner can keep participants and followers updated through the use of their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Personal websites are also great for posting resumes and work history. It gives a potential employer a digital means of researching employees and it allows the job seeker a way to stand out from the traditional paper-based resume crowd. Combine that with a social networking site, and the possibilities are endless for hiring quality talent or finding that perfect job. All websites whether for personal use, e-commerce or full blown enterprise use need to be hosted in one way or another. If you have the technical know-how, you could host your own website at home on your own server or you could pay to have your site hosted with a host provider.

Deciding which one will work depends on your reasons for having a website; Will it be a personal site just for family and friends? Will you be providing a product or service? Do you just want to give your existing business a professional appearance? Answering these questions can help streamline the decision-making process and get you in the right direction while choosing which avenue to take to get your site hosted. Most of the time, people choose to have their sites hosted. Site hosts provide a way of hosting your site, usually with various packages sometimes including free domain name search, attractive monthly service fees and a large selection of tools to help implement your site.

These tools can include free website templates, free email hosting, plug-ins, scripts, database access, site tracking and monitoring. Choosing a website host can provide you complete convenience and control for very little out of pocket expense. Internet providers such as Comcast, Qwest, & Verizon provide a means to start your own personal website through their services as well. Although their hosting solutions do not always provide the deep selection of tools that a paid site host provides, they do allow a person to start a small website geared more towards personal and small business use, that usually have zero cost to implement. If you choose a paid web hosting service, you'll also need to consider that providers' up-time and quality of service.

There are many providers to choose from and most have very good ratings in these areas. For most people, it usually comes down to price and service when choosing a web host. Researching the various providers out there can easily be done by searching Google, and selecting a couple web hosts to review. One could also check any available forums or review sites to get a better understanding of what's available from each provider. In conclusion, there are many avenues to get a site hosted. Fortunately, there is an equal amount of tools and services out there to help you get started in building your online presence. Obviously, this article does not even 'scratch the surface' on the various methods and tools available; but we hope that it is informative enough to help with the decision-making process.

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