New Era On Facebook – IFrames Replace FBML

Facebook iFrames Set To Revolutionize Business on Facebook

Facebook iFrames

FBML IS DEAD – Have you heard that? And exactly what will it mean to lose FBML?

FBML or Facebook Mark-up Language was developed for creating applications for things such as displaying an opt-in form or a download on Facebook. That all ends in March 2011 and nobody will be able to display those TABS on their account or fan pages. So what do we do?

I have placed a sample of how the introduction of Facebook iframes can work for you by displaying a website via a TAB on my Facebook Fan Page. See the Bio box for a link to the original article on my blog to get the Facebook URL for the sample.

You have to "Like" the page to reveal the website.

To display a website you need to have your own domain or have somebody host your files for you. That's where I come in. If you choose to investigate my original article you will see how I can host your files and provide you access via FTP so you can upload those files.

If you simply wish to learn more about how I achieve displaying a website on Facebook again you can obtain the URL from the original article in the Bio Box below and the links are under the video once you click the Like button on my Facebook Fan Page You just need to have a folder on a web server for creating the application for using Facebook iFrames.

Setting up the application is a simple process made even easier with the recorded webinars that are available for all to see. Once your Facebook iFrame Application is set up you can have your site up in 10 minutes.

You need to visit my blog and read the original article to fully understand the impact Facebook iFrames will have on the business community and you will find out how to learn more about their introduction.

Brief Introduction To Facebook iFrames

Some of what can be achieved are

  • iFrame templates that are HTML5 compatible
  • 'Reveal' splash pages to build a fan base
  • Opt-in forms to build a list
  • Video embedding in Facebook fan pages
  • Breaking the limit of 800 px page tall
  • Removing the scroll bar
  • Training videos to guide you step-by-step

You can learn how to get a Facebook iFrame fan page working for you and confidently move along with iFrame leaving behind FBML.

The first of the tutorial series (webinars) has been recorded and awaits those interested in learning how the future of Facebook business is changing, People are already making positive comments on what can be achieved both now and in the future as the application of Facebook iFrames develop. I am sure, you will love what you will see on my Fan Page.

Whatever the outcome you will be amazed at what is now possible to achieve using the Facebook iFrames Application.

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