Live photo not working

Okay so long story short I made a live photo using multiple programs so I can post it to Facebook as a ‘press and hold fo a surprise’
I added an image and a 5 second video into adobe premier and exported it as a .mp4 file
Then uploaded that mp4 onto and it then converted into a gif, and then I downloaded it from there as a live photo.
It’s in my photo gallery on my phone and it works just how I want it to, exactly like a normal live photo. When I try and post it to Facebook it shows that it’s a live photo and I’m able to select the live option.
However after it uploads, it shows the live photo logo on the bottom right hand side but I’m not able to view it as a live photo, it’s just a still image.
Any help? Does it have to be a certain size or file size etc?

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