Kids on Facebook – Yes or No

In the last decade the Internet has become an integral part of life and that life without the Internet has become unimaginable. In the last few years we are witness to big influence of social networks, with Facebook as most popular among them, which now has become integral part of our lives.

As the most popular social networking site Facebook brings many advantages with it, otherwise it would not be so popular, but on the other hand, there are more and more negative sides of the mentioned site that are becoming obvious. People are becoming addicted to Facebook and that starts to affect their work, love life, personality …. Number of groups related to Facebook addiction is increasing day by day, which would only mean that number of people who are dependent on the Facebook is also increasing. More and more children are creating their profiles every day and there are more children Facebook addicts every day.

Some studies suggest that Facebook has negative impact on children concentration and that this directly reflects on their grades. There are more and more children who spend too much time at the computer but only at the presented network. We are also familiar with the situations of false Facebook profiles which can hide pedophiles and other law violators which your kid is not protected from. All the above is the reason why parents ask themselves often of whether to ban or restrict access to Facebook for their children or not.

However, there is a problem in the fact that it could cause a revolt in children. The situation when they can not access Facebook and so their online friends may cause dissatisfaction among children. Many parents insist on being online friends with their children and monitor their activities that way but this can seem as violation of child privacy.

As a solution which some parents are already using is somewhere in between, where Facebook is not blocked completely but only limited to specific times during the week. This will give freedom to children to access Facebook but will control the time how much they spend on it.

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