I deleted Facebook on all my devices. One week on!

Things are much better. I don’t have to see how fucked up my old friends are or listen to their sjw bullshit anymore. Nor do I have to look at those friends who over succeeded in life, which makes me feel bad about my own life.

I am still in contact with my real friends. My life feels less stressful after ridding myself of this cancerous intrusion.

I do have an OnG account, it’s already paid me $15 in shared ad revenue and I barely use it, but when I do it’s at least speaking with people who share my current interests.

So far I have deleted Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter and today Reddit is going in the trash can of my life.

Voat is better than Reddit, gab is better than Twitter, Line is better than Skype and WhatsApp, OnG is better than Facebook.

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