How to Break Facebook Addiction

Apart from MySpace, one of the most widely used and accepted, as well as the most popular networking services is Facebook. Just like other online games, Facebook users are now getting hooked onto the site and eventually turning out to be addicts. Certain features like keeping in constant connection with places, friends and familiar faces are proving to create a real Facebook addiction to many. Adding several varieties of applications and uploading unlimited photos is being done by numerous professional and non-professional users.

This addiction is gradually turning out to be a disaster; some people who are continuously on the network, denies it and continues to be more addicted. In order to overcome this situation, users should be able to maintain some boundaries or standards and also must be able to evaluate him/her and avoid such situations. One should remind himself that he should be the one using the system and not the system using him. Here are some tips on how to break Facebook addiction:

Try and avoid changing your picture often. Your friends already know you and you don’t need to keep saying “Hey, I have a new face!” There is no advantage in constantly changing your picture; it will not do any good. If your friends are honestly keen to know how you are they will browse through your albums and keep themselves updated.

Are you obsessed? If you are, then you are the person who has to make sure that everything is in order before you log out of your page. You make extra effort to know what people will feel when they visit your profile and understand about the contents. It is far better to maintain a simple and uncomplicated profile rather than those overflowing with different graphics and videos. If you fill-up your page with numerous applications it will only make it untidy and unappealing for other people to visit.

Try and limit the various applications you use. If you are planning to install different kinds of applications, avoid doing it. Analyze as to how many times you would use it or how important it is for your profile or even your life. There are applications that allow you to send invitations to your friends and strangers only to get your way through points, results and even to receive some gifts. If you continue to keep doing this, think for yourself how many will be annoyed with these numerous invitations from you. Eventually you will turn unpopular, to the extent that friends will not want to have you on their list.

Facebook addiction is a serious disorder. It does not only waste your precious time, but it can also ruin your real life.

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