Facebook Seduction Secrets – 3 Tips For Picking Up Facebook Hotties

Meeting new people, and becoming more intimate with people you've recently met, has never been easier. There are so many hot women on Facebook that it's not even funny. The only problem is that most guys are completely clueless when it comes to picking them up. And you, my friend, are probably one of those guys. That, of course, has come to an end. There is a way to make it much easier for you to pick up women on Facebook. You just need to arm yourself with proven, bulletproof strategies which actually work. Not some mumbo-jumbo dating tips from the 80's written by Cosmo's journalists.

Here are 3 essential tips for seducing women on Facebook to get you started:

Facebook Seduction Tip # 1: Think before you act.
Most of you guys out there just start typing words, uploading pictures, videos, adding women, updating statuses, poking, liking and sending messages – without even thinking. You just "go" and mess things up. Your actions speak A LOT louder than your words. You can tell a girl "I am a cool guy" but she will not believe it if you poked her 5 times before that and if you have a stupidly set up profile. You have to understand that everything you do on Facebook can be recorded – and all of your actions are basically "graded" by women. After only a couple of minutes, often less, of checking out your profile – they already know whether they would ever be with you or not. Always think about your actions and what you want to convey.

Facebook Seduction Tip # 2: Be more social in real life
Yes. To become successful at picking up girls on Facebook, you have to be more social in real life. Get off of your computer and go make some real life contact with people. Indirectly, it will have a very big effect on your seduction skills. When you become more popular offline, more and more people will add you as a friend on Facebook. And on Facebook – everything is about power, popularity and social proof. The more people respond positively to you and the more active you can make your profile, the more women will ask themselves "Hm, who is this guy?" – and that's exactly what you want them to think in the beginning. You want them to wonder about you. You have to learn how to attract them first.

Facebook Seduction Tip # 3: Spy on your "opponent"
Now, I know this may sound a bit deceptive to some of you (and it is) – but that's how things work if you want to seduce the hottest girls. You have to out-think them. Most guys just run straight at a girl they like, hoping that if they run at enough girls, some of them will accept them. That is a very, very stupid strategy. And it does not work. The only thing you may get from it is girls that will be with you for one night, and never again. That is not the kind of guy that is attractive to women, that is a kind of guy they are with when they get drunk. But let's get back to the subject. Find things out about a girl you like and want to seduce on Facebook, BEFORE you start interacting with her in any way. The more you know about her the better. (No, you do not need to know what she had for breakfast, I'm not telling you to be a maniac / rapist). You have to be subtitled about it, find out what she likes, what kind of person she is and adjust your seduction skills accordingly. The better prepared you are in the phase where you did not even chat yet, the easier it will be for you later on.


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