Facebook Introduces Pages Manager App

Just when you thought buying an iPad was the only resort to managing Facebook pages on the go, Facebook introduces a new management app: The Pages Manager app. This application answers the prayers of page administrators everywhere, as the app makes it easier for admins to effectively manage their Facebook pages from their mobile phone. The app, which is currently only available for the iPhone, is installed separately, and is independent of the Facebook mobile app – which can help you avoid mixing “business with pleasure”.

Though Pages Manager has a similar look and feel to the regular Facebook iPhone app, it is more focused on updating and managing pages. Similar to the Facebook app, users can choose from the list of pages they manage and begin posting from it. However, unlike the Facebook app, the main menu of Pages Manager allows users to view their lists of pages, view summaries of their pages’ insights, visit the help center, see the list of page admins, and check out the privacy and legal notices.

The Pages Manager app displays the wall of each page, and shows users how many people each post has reached and how many people are talking about it. It also makes it easy for users to like, comment, and interact with content they’ve posted.

The new app also makes it easier for pages to share, and add text to, photos. Furthermore, the apps improved functionality allows users to select the filter at the top-right-hand corner, and toggle between everyone’s posts, only the page’s posts, and hidden posts.

When users click on metrics highlighted by grey bars, they are able to see more detailed overviews of their posts in terms of reach, engaged users, and people talking about this. This is beneficial to users who want to monitor how content is doing, but who may be working remotely. From the page insights dashboard, users receive insights as to how their pages are performing in terms of total likes, people talking about this, weekly total reach, and trends in the past 14 days (highlighted by a small line graph).

While the app obviously doesn’t have all the functionality of the website, it is a great way of managing and monitoring your pages on-the-go. I downloaded the app as soon as it was made available, and while the remote access to my pages is sure to come in useful, I’m more thankful for the peace of mind accompanying the knowledge that I can efficiently manage my pages from anywhere.

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