Facebook – How to Market Without Losing Friends

Facebook, currently ranked # 2 according to Alexa.com, is a new trend online that network marketers can not ignore. There is no hotter social media site on the world wide web, and you should be taking advantage of it as much as possible. I want to give you some insight and strategies into how I personally use Facebook. So what is the secret on marketing successfully with Facebook? Well, it's simple, socializing. You have to realize that social networks are there to do just that, socialize. You do not want to be pestering people with business offers on their Facebook page over and over. It's annoying and you will not get anywhere with doing that. Plus I think it's something called spamming.

What you really want to be doing on Facebook is just connect with people. Be somewhat of value to them. Offering them something that will benefit them. So when you are sending them messages make sure it's something of beneficial value and not just trying to sell something to them. By giving something of value, you will be attracting people to look at your business offer without having to even really put it out there. Here makes it their idea to buy whatever it is you are selling.

Just remember, just like going to a party or gathering of some sort, you do not just blur what you do or start offering your business opportunity to everyone there. Have you ever been attacked by someone with their business opportunity at a party? I have. It's not fun. It's annoying, much in the same way as it is to be spammed on Facebook.

Here's a sneak peak on one of the golden nuggets i use. Whenever I get a new lead, what I do sometimes is I find that person on Facebook and add them as a friend. What this does is it shows that you are a real person and starts a one on one relationship that is specifically needed with social media. This also creates position and in turn increases conversion rates from prospects to buyers.

The great thing of using Facebook is you can update it with new blogs, video, articles, training, or product releases. And it's a great way to generate free traffic. I've made a lot of new great friends and business partners. It's all about connecting with them. By spending 30 minutes a day, you can make all the difference in the world in your business. Just give it a try and enjoy the results.

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