Facebook and How to Create a Business Page Which Will Bring More Custom by Building Membership

Facebook has become a worldwide phenomena, with people all over the world using it to keep in touch. Technically it is a superb testament to web engineering. It can also take over your life if you’re not careful. But Facebook can also be used as a very good marketing tool if approached the right way. If you haven’t been on it yet, it could be quite daunting, however, if your having problems, ask any 12 year old for help and you’ll be up and running in no time.

It’s true, Facebook is used by kids. It’s also true that a lot of businesses use it too. The reason why is very simple, it’s where their customers are…

If you don’t like Facebook, get over it. It is simply where you will find the groups and associations you are looking to market to. Online, all the time. So let’s look at Facebook a little closer. If you don’t have an account (profile) and you want to take advantage of this tool then get online and create one. It’s quite simple (After all, if a 12 year old can do it… ) If you have an account already then go to it now…

Tip.. If you are going to use this for business, make sure your personal profile is OK, the last thing you need is clients becoming friends only to find a picture of your mate Paul, throwing up outside a nightclub after a particularly good Stag Do.

Creating a Group for your business

1. Go to the home page.

2 On the right hand side of the page you will see Grey panel called Applications.

3. Click on the Groups tag.

4. This will take you to the Groups page. Near the top there is a grey button which says. + Create a New Group.

5. This will bring up a form which you need to fill in.

> The first line is Group name – Put in you company name.

> Next, is a pull down menu titled “Network”. During your set up you may have joined many networks or none, leave this to say Global (Available to all of Facebook)

> Description is next. This is where you a full description of the company, but be aware that when a bit more savvy with the Facebook platform you will also be able to use this for marketing calls to action. But for now just put some really good copy on the company in here. This field is one of the many which is fully editable, so if you just want to put a very short description in for speed then it’s OK you can always change it later.

> The next section is where you set up your Group Type. Hit the pull down menu and select which category most suits your company. This would probably be Business. At this point the pull down menu next to it will highlight. This is where you select the Type of business you are.

> The next box is Recent News, you can skip this for now, we’ll come back to that when we have finished setting up the Group.

> Fill in the rest of the contact details.

6. Hit the blue Create Group button at the Bottom Customise Now we come to the next form.. This is where you can upload a photo, or what might be more appropriate, a Graphic or Company Logo. Use a logo which is not a massive file.

> Click on Choose File, and find the logo or picture you want to use. hit the check box that you certify that you have the rights to the picture and hit the blue upload picture button… wait for it to upload. It will show up in the frame on the left hand side of the page once it has completed the uploading process.

> Now type your web address in the window provided. Below that there are check boxes where you can decide how you want to run your Group Page. Again you can change these settings to have more control on whether only you can upload photo’s to the site or will you allow members to upload as well. This is a choice which has pro’s and con’s – you decide which way you want to go, I personally would only allow me as an administrator or creator of the group to decide what I want on my page. But that’s just me (Control Freak).

7. Once you have done that, hit the blue button at the bottom to save the page. This will automatically take you to a page to invite your friends. You can do this at a later stage, once you have your page the way you want it. So, now we’ll look at out page. At the top of the screen you will see. Back to and then your company name. Click on this and you will see you page for the first time.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have a business Page on Facebook!

At the moment it all looks a bit sparce, especially if you have not done a lot of text, but this will change and we put more stuff into it. I walked through these steps with you as I was putting together a group for us at Business For Life. I have done a group to highlight our Internet Marketing Consultancy and to discuss and share with my clients issues around Internet Marketing. You can go to the group yourself now and become a member.

Andy Phillips

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