Deleting Facebook

I started using myfacebookspace when I studied abroad. Then, it was an important part of the career I was in. Since leaving that industry (not a little because of how demanding the social media aspect of it was) I’ve mostly kept it going out of habit.
Anymore, the world has gotten scarier and I have become very aware that FB only exposed me to an echo chamber; a lot of people who agree about a lot things nitpicking and participating in toxic oneupsmanship (is that a word?)
So, after a few weeks of reflection I deleted my account, Not deactivated, deleted. Hopefully the FB shaped void in my life will fill itself with more critical analysis of news I encounter. Hopefully it will fill itself with stronger connections to the people in my community, in my city.
Anyway… now that I can’t announce little nothings about my life on myfacespace I told you guys. Pro-tips, support, reasons why I should hit the panic button and reactivate before the 14 days are up, chiding for my self indulgent post, all welcome.

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