Corporate Facebook Page

If you define Facebook in its original purpose, it is about connecting a face with a name. In this context, if a company creates a presence in Facebook, it will have the opportunity to connect with and introduce its target audience to its face or brand.

By creating a Facebook corporate page, a company will be able to support a wide variety of corporate goals such as staff recruitment and retention, audience participation, creating morale, e-commerce, branding, and awareness. But then again, the main challenge remains – how can a company best represent its own through Facebook without coming out as a hard sell?

To answer that, sometimes it is best to go back to the basics – take for example an individual on Facebook. A person's photo evolves over time as they come across new experiences, obliging them to share different content on their page creating depth to their profile and their friends or contacts contribute to that picture in any way they can.

But when trying to establish a Facebook corporate page, one of the most common mistakes done by companies is controlling their pictures by creating a stagnant, one way, marketing perfect picture for their audience. What these companies do not realize is that pleasing the audience is not really the goal in social media marketing – that would instead implicate you are treating Facebook as an advertising channel and not a social media, which are two very different things.

If you really want your company to make it big in Facebook, you need to do more than just advertise and impress the audience. You have to build it, grow it, and measure your success based on the interaction and connection that you are able to forge between you and your audience.

You need to realize that Facebook, just like any other website, was created for a specific purpose. You need to have a deep understanding of the people that you are trying to reach through Facebook, and you need to be familiar with their specific qualities, habits, and tendencies on top of a plan on how to measure, optimize, enhance and build your results in time.

By creating a Facebook corporate page, you are actually bringing your company or your brand closer to your market. Facebook pages provide a closed-door opportunity for businesses like you to talk and interact not just with your target audience, but to your employees as well – you can share relevant information to your employees about events, holidays, news, and so on.

And by creating a Facebook corporate page, you can also utilize certain features that will increase your brand awareness to the Facebook users. You can create product polls, new product information, even notifications, links to essential websites and newsletters, an insider's scoop, and other interactive experiences for the fans to build your brand.

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