Slim Sonic: a new technology to slim down thanks to ultrasound

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OPENMEDIAS – Thanks to an ultrasound system, Slim Sonic devices and their Sonic Resonance technology adapt to each person’s rhythm of life and allow them to burn unwanted fat.

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This technological innovation is surprising: straight from Switzerland, the Slim Sonic devices allow according to its designers to lose between 4 cm and 6 cm in waist size in two weeks thanks to the emission of ultrasound on a targeted area.

Thought and designed as a European production between Lausanne and Annecy, the Sonic Resonance technology has been developed since 2012 by Jacques Borgognon, engineer by trade.

An innovation under medical supervision

In practice, the waves emitted by devices on an area of ​​the body such as the belly, come to fragment the fat present and blocked there. By dissociating the fat cells, the ultrasound of Sonic Resonance technology destocks the triglycerides and the normal functioning of the body makes them circulate in the blood so that they are burned by muscles in action, after having been transformed into energy (Lipolysis).

Faced with the announced efficacy of this product, the designers of Slim Sonic explain that they have tested their products under medical supervision. Studies and validations have notably been carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Sports Sciences at the University of Lausanne. Doctor Christophe Hausswirth, former director of the INSEP research department, affirms: “the use of this technology in synergy with physical activity makes it possible to reduce fat mass”.

Adapt to the pace of life

The other announced advantage of Slim Sonic is to be able to adapt to the rhythm of city life of each one: “by bicycle or in the subway, Slim Sonic can be used in a discreet way and according to the lifestyle of each one. Without having to change your habits, ”explains Jacques Borgognon.

Available in several sizes, Slim Sonic is presented as a trendy object with a summer and winter collection available in several colors. Slimming easily and in style is the goal of Slim Sonic.



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