Skyrim: Special Edition Mods Weekly – Week 4 (PC/Xbox One)


Today we the premiere of Skyrim: Special Edition Mods Weekly. A series where I show you guys some of the coolest mods to come out for Skyrim each and every week.


The Mods:

Gryphon Elven Armor:
PC –
Xbox One –

Auto Unequip Shield to Back:
PC –

Dragon Carved Armor Set:
PC –
Xbox One –

PC –

60 FPS Interface:
PC –

Faction Crossbows:
PC –
Xbox One – Confirmed coming

Andrew Applepie – Cool J
dcuttermusic – Must I Wait

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  1. You are literally repeating mods from other videos into new videos… Cmon if you can't find any good/quallity mods just don't make a video

  2. Really sick of these mod authors not putting their mods on the Bethesda website. I don't want to use the shitty mod manager.

  3. I apologize but you could have at least said that Faction Crossbows were coming to Xbox in the video. Instead I didn't look at the description and went to mods excited only to find…nothing :(

  4. so does anyone know if there will be any mods that greatly improve textures? I know it's not a pc but surely there will be some good ones. I've seen some snow textures and rock textures that look pretty good. but what about any texture overhauls? because stuff like sand and dirt really bother me in this game lol. having a texture mod that fixed that would be amazing. obviously I'm not gonna be getting any super amazing pc textures but still.

  5. >Looks up "Skyrim special edition mods"
    >JuiceHead is the first that pops up
    >"What the fuck? I'm subbed to you, why haven't these shown up in my sub box?"
    >Checks to see if is subbed
    >Is not subbed
    >That's YouTube, baby!

  6. So help please, every time I get to level 30 or so my character loses all his stamina becomes over encumbered then loses all his health and magika. Is this because my load order or is it a bug in the game? Ruined 2 really good characters now.

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