Silent Hill Downpour – Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 3 – THE OTHERWORLD (Xbox 360/PS3) [HD]


Silent Hill Downpour Walkthrough Part 3 with HD Xbox 360 and PS3 Gameplay by theRadBrad.

Part 3 of this Silent Hill Downpour Gameplay Walkthrough includes the Otherworld. This Silent Hill Downpour Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Gameplay and the Ending / Endings.

Silent Hill Downpour Playlist:

Silent Hill: Downpour is a new Silent Hill video game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, developed by Vatra Games and published by Konami. Downpour marks the eighth installment (Silent Hill 8) in the series, and is the third seventh generation Silent Hill game.

The protagonist of the game is a convict, Murphy Pendleton. Downpour begins with Murphy sitting inside a prisoner transport bus that is traveling along Interstate 95 on a rainy night. However, things go awry as the bus steers out of control and sails off the side of the road, entering the nearby woods. Murphy, after looking at the remains of the bus, enters the forest as an attempt to escape. Along the way, he encounters Anne Cunningham, a corrections officer attempting to track the remaining prisoners down.

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  1. this is a good game. dont know what's up with the low rating from ign.. lol when you're running from monsters you sound like Seth Rogan like "oh shit, are you kidding me" lol

  2. this and shattered memories where the only silent hills i did't play. it looks more like thy gave a RE game a silent hill fill then an actual silent hill game. i know that if i had played it as a fan i would have filled betrayed just from what i have seen so far.

  3. Jump scares are way overrated and overused, psychological fears are where it's at. Loved how Silent Hill games got into your mind, not in your face-

  4. I was watching the Silent Hill PT with Norman earlier, and the similarities between the running on the stairs scene and the hallway on PT are laughable. And you mentioned at the start of both games that you would throw a chair, lol

  5. Heh.. never new that fire alarms can summon the satan… live and learn I guess. Also.. weeks pass really fast while watching your videos it seems..

  6. it's almost the same as Silent Shattered Memories only there are monsters chasing you instead of whatever that thing is

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