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Shutterfly (Free)

REVIEW—”Desktop photo albums in your pocket!”

Shutterfly is quite the handy little application. In a few easy steps and quick seconds you can create a Shutterfly account that will open up the world of photography, as you know it. With unlimited storage space, Shutterfly allows users to make as many photo albums as they’d like and easily share them with family and friends.

Creating an online shutter account gives you a webpage that friends and family can visit and virtually thumb through your photos. And with the Shutterfly app on your iPhone or iTouch, you can easily upload your current photos to your online account.

Still, it’s important to note that internet access is a must to view your uploaded photos whether it’s from a computer or your iTouch. Otherwise, you must have an iPhone. That’s the only real criticism of Shutterfly. If you have an iTouch with no internet access you cannot freely thumb through your photos so you’ll have to have those albums properly saved in the default Photos section provided by Apple.

Shutterfly offers so much. You can display your albums as slideshows for family and friends, which would be heightened by music, which perhaps Shutterfly, Inc. will consider if they upgrade anytime soon. But with Shutterfly online you can turn your family vacations, little league games, and wild and crazy adventures into calendars, postcards, coffee mugs and other personal gifs; the list is endless.

Shutterfly really is an app worthy having if you have an iPhone. However, if you have an iTouch, I’d recommend creating an account and working strictly from your personal computer. After all, you can’t take pictures from your iTouch anyway, so it would almost be like recycling pictures to take them from your computer to iTouch and then back again.

Shutterfly’s simple and self-explanatory interface and make it an app that’s easy even for the most basic photographer. For iPhone users, Shutterfly is definitely an app worth having.

-Yantezia P.

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