SHOWDOWN: Google Home VS Amazon Echo!


The ULTIMATE Gamer’s Paradise! (Room Tour 2016) –

We put Google Home up against the Amazon Echo. Which is the best voice assistant in 2016? Both of these gadgets can be used for home automation, especially using philips hue bulbs and if you have amazon prime music then the echo is even better! But make your decision – which do you prefer?

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Google Home –
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Cheaper alternative to Echo = New Echo Dot –

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  1. Great video guys. I'll probably go with Google Home since it seems to have better answers and I currently would not be using either of them to control any home automation devices.

  2. Thanks so much for the video. My mother is sight impaired so these devices actually have become necessity for her. Amazon Echo really didn't do well for her at all in terms of capability , google just seems to be better at answering basic question in a conversational way.

  3. Not to troubleshoot you guys, but in doing some research I discovered that you would have greater success if you had set up your accounts for the devices. An account with a Google calendar, an Amazon music account, etc would have given you better results. Great video, thanks!

  4. My Alexa incessantly kept picking up on what was said in the video, got so bad I had to pause the video to prevent Alexa from getting the full command, just to trap her .. 😉 They both look good, Google having much greater ad-hoc capability, and can do a shit load via IFTTT

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