Shenzhen: electronics market is not short season does not peak or low season



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Around the Spring Festival this year, home appliance manufacturer in Shenzhen, there are two “no thought”: First, according to practice before the Spring Festival did not think the market has increased


Efforts, but the Chinese New Year market, compared with previous years but looks fairly “moderate”


Where the traffic is not too hot; Second, consumer appliances ever, after the holiday season, but never off-season is not short, just over the Spring Festival, the market appears Gouxiaoliangwang situation, major appliances, especially high-end home appliance products rapidly welcomed the strong flow of visitors.

Recent years, the “in-season promotion,” “off-season consumption,” the voice of the high and constantly play down the home appliance market short season limits; around the Spring Festival this year, with the busy household appliance market, further blurring the light, which we believe: the called seller and buyer, “Game” of home appliances market, as consumers enhance rational consumer psychological maturity, a steady development

Appliance Retail

Market have emerged. Manufacturers develop new products, business services, and consumer-led market, all positive interaction, then all the year round good times!

Postganglionic normal circumstances comparable sales

End of the Spring Festival holiday work, the reporter in the city for several days straight over appliances


Wander, are seen shopping malls crowded with people. Home Appliances


Usually some seasonal nature of sales before the Spring Festival is the peak of home appliances, while the post-holiday period, usually deserted shopping malls and some malls do not even ship the day will appear the phenomenon. After the Spring Festival this year has not seen deserted scene, in addition to




, Electronic dictionaries and other seasonal merchandise sales hot outside,


, Refrigerator,

Washing machine

And other large home appliances and normal sales are almost the same. Many household appliances, according to the mall, their volume of business after the holiday and even better than the same period last year, the growth rate is not small.

Manufacturers pull the market do not Xieqi

Not short off-season, post-holiday sales and home appliance manufacturers have a lot to stop. This reporter learned that, with the home appliance shopping centers in Shenzhen blossom everywhere, competition is fierce, the industry recognized after the Spring Festival “rest period” where the business is not slacking off, have stepped up promotional efforts. Such as

States United States

Continue to use price knife, its mobile phones, flat panel TV,

Air conditioning

Mainstream products such as the average decrease of 20%, 40% of the maximum drop, combined together many well-known home appliance manufacturers to consumers sharing profit 150 million yuan.


Marketplace has a comprehensive listing of new products, and Suning Appliance launched the “Plan C today” as the theme of the promotion week, the main push for the fashion category 3C appliances?? Communications, digital and computer. First, the digital and communications co-sponsored by the Department of spring melody ‘photography C program “comprehensive start; for the new semester beginning led to


Suning launched a rich combination of computer packages; In addition, a new listing new appearance, Disney Online Shopping Mall to purchase the latest appliances, Suning spring “Member Specials”, color version of Air Quality Promotion, etc., a variety of theme activities for home appliances Pengcheng people to share colorful life. Attract consumers. Yongle did “buy flat panel TVs is 200 back? 2000 dollars, designated Model Plus Free 5.1

Home Theater

Or Samsung

Digital Cameras

“And other promotions. Paraelectric introduced variety of new mobile phones, such as the


A1200 smartphone market last week, Samsung, several new aircraft also went in the last 12 weeks sales in the paraelectric OTC. Ming-up in the extended New Year marketing, it is also flat-panel TVs, air conditioning, mobile phone sales of digital products increased intensity.

The idea of consumers more

Appliance sales “is not short off-season” the most important reason, according to industry say, is “changing the consumer concept of” results. In the past, consumers often choose to buy appliances when holidays or Dianqing, because now businesses will have some promotions, purchase more affordable. But now ordinary consumers realize that businesses also have a number of promotional activities, they introduced a special model at any time, why not demand the consumer to purchase, at any time to buy? In addition, many savvy consumers that the home appliance market price after the holiday they will certainly fall, and I would rather wait and see before the holiday, post-holiday markdowns use the “tail” to buy appliances. Reporter also found an interesting phenomenon: As the last year of the Rooster, a lot of people that “Chicken few years of marriage,” the wedding was postponed to the year of the dog, causing the Dog to marry get together; marriage sure to buy a certain number of household appliances Thus, it appears the phenomenon of consumer electronics market after the holiday is still booming.

“Off-season is also a good purchase”

With the increasing popularity of business promotion activities, whether or usual holiday purchase, consumers find that they are most concerned about the price of electrical appliances not in fact have been no sales promotion differences postganglionic purchase benefits also will emerge.

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