Set Google Online Timer


Hello friends, this is another video tutorial from Online computer Help Service. This video will show you how to set Google online timer. You don’t have to go to any other sites any more for timer or stop watch. You can bring a timer in Google home page by type a small command or text. Follow the video to implement yourself. This is Google latest gift. This is very interesting for people and very easy to implement.

Video Content:

First, go to your browser and click it to open “”.

In Google type “Google timer 50 seconds” or you could type any number other than 50. Now your timer starts automatically.

Click ‘Stop’ to stop the watch. After stop the watch Click ‘Start’ button to again your timer starts.

Now you could reset the timer by clicking ‘Reset’ button. Then you click ‘Start’ after resetting the timer.

Click the sound Icon to mute the clock sound.

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