Sentenced for sexual assault, Ibrahim Maalouf skidding on Twitter

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Condemned to four months of suspended imprisonment For a sexual assault on a 14-year-old schoolgirl, trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf reacted strongly to the verdict on Friday (November 23rd). The artist has posted two indignant messages on Twitter, before abruptly removing them.

"Four months for a smack that a teenage fan, crazy in love with me, makes me despite the distance I imposed.WTF ?? I have to stop being nice to my fans ??" he questioned on the first, according to catches made by the Huffington Post. On the second, he launches:

"The court's premise is that she can not be lying, we brought evidence that she was lying and changing her version as soon as it suited her." Odd or not?

Ibrahim Maalouf sentenced to 4 months suspended for sexual assault on a schoolgirl

Indignant by the artist's arguments, several Internet users have replicated on the social network. Among them, the feminist collective Nous Tous, which calls for the demonstration this Saturday, November 24 against sexual and sexual violence:

Instead of these two messages, now deleted, Ibrahim Maalouf finally published a third tweet in the afternoon: "This situation is scandalous, count on me to fight to the end, because there is nothing more important than the truth, and even if it takes a lot of time, music will be my driving force, thank you all for your many messages of support, "he writes. by dragging a link to an interview he gave to Europe 1.

"I do not understand why it's happening like that," says the artist to our colleagues. "They have no evidence of anything, the court's only argument is, 'Why would she lie?'" He adds :

"I am shocked by what I heard: the court finds that what the girl said is credible when we arrived with evidence that she was lying.I am accused of sexual assault on dates when I was absent, we have evidence of that. "

Ibrahim Maalouf says he will appeal. "It's out of the question to stay on that."

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