Sending Text Messages with Google Home Voice Commands


Send text messages via Google Home by using IFTTT as a work-around. Check out more at

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  1. hey man I am loving all your videos. Have you come up with any work around if you are experiencing a delay when you cast audio in a home group?

  2. Great video Keith. I have my Google Home set up with IFTTT and the Harmony Hub. I can already use it to turn on/off my cable box and TV. I was wondering if there is any way to use my voice to also change the channels. Could you help out?

  3. How do you change the phone number so it sends it to a different person? Right now the text comes to my prescribed number in the IFTTT app

  4. You need to do this with each contact. Is there anyway to duplicate the recipe, edit for another contact, and save it under another name?

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