Sell Your Music Through Facebook Applications!!


Social media strategist, entrepreneurs, marketing planner, social media consultant, online organization, NGO’s, government organizations, and anybody who seeks rapid and effective recognition in a very cost-effective mode, is welcome to the world where Facebook caters more than 350 million active users through its exciting, amusing and useful Facebook applications which have crossed the figure of 500,00 in a very short time.


Will you believe that several hundred musicians, songwriters, guitarists, bassist, pianist, drummers and music directors are on Facebook? Time has gone when you only can be approached through concerts, TV and on Radio etc, because dawn of technology has come over with several new horizons for people of every field, so does for Music too. Now Facebook applications sell your music and keep all of you who are somehow connected to the music industry, up to date with the latest happenings.

Now your music can be promoted over night, if your Facebook application has been designed considering the crucial elements required for Facebook applications. You can design your application on the following concepts, and I promise, my suggested concepts will not cost you a single penny. Wink’

Photo Album

You can have your Facebook application on the concept of photo album. You can upload your concert pictures and ask them to guess where you were in the picture. Also, your fans can put their pictures up and share the album with their family and friends.

Yes, you are there, right in the mid of your fans.

Guess the song

Utilizing the audio techniques, you can create a Facebook application that has collection of your songs and your fans have to unlock different types of mysteries you have asked in your Facebook application.

Share your music

A Facebook application that will allow your fans to share your songs and videos on different mediums like Facebook, YouTube, Bebo etc. An easy to share your music Facebook application.

Playlist maker

Through this Facebook application, you can allow your fans to make a playlist with multiple functions and features. More you create ease for your fans and users, more you can pull your fans in your fame circle which is the essential part of social networking.

Identify the artist

In music industry, knowing is important. If you have a great voice or if you are an exceptional music director but people doesn’t know you by your name. It is completely for nothing. Here in this Facebook application you can ask your fans different types of question that will force them to recall your past work and automatically entice your Facebook application users to google more about you to get high scores.

What are you listening right now?

This Facebook application allows your fans to update his/her friend list about current taste of music. They can add it on their Facebook profile so everyone can check it and it will go viral then.

Who’s listening what?

You can know what your friends are listening and can watch their favorite videos, may be you were missing out something but through this Facebook application you will be up.

This way you can easily be popular and well renowned globally. I believe you won’t miss a chance to publicize your music and get fame with profit.

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