Selena Larson’s Review of Google Home


Jason Howell and Megan Morrone talk to Selena Larson from CNN about the new Google Home digital assistant. Google Home officially launched today. Selena Larson has already spent some time with the device and tells us how she thinks it compares to the Amazon Echo. The Google Home costs $129, compared to the $180 Amazon Echo.
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  1. If you had trouble with it hearing you then you probably should have asked Google for a different unit as pretty much every other review I've seen says it performs very well in that regard.
    Also Home is launching with IFTTT – which is how people are 'hacking' their Tesla to work with Echo. So Home should work just as well with your Tesla.
    Finally if you are just randomly asking Alexa to buy this or that on the spot and have it shipped then your trust fund must be a lot better stocked than mine.

  2. True that it trigger both, but the Assistant does not a answer you on the phone it relay it to the Google home assistant. so it's not a problem.

  3. This was an interesting interview; I unboxed and set up my Google Home today and honestly had none of the issues that Selena experienced. The responsiveness of my Google Home is equal to my Amazon Echo…also worth noting that my Google Home went off several times when she triggered it. Seems like Jason should have had a review unit already to have offered a more insightful opinion

  4. Selena… thanks for the info. I am having issues with Home's ability to control Hue devices. Went thru the set up 3 times and the lights work on command for a while and then stop taking commands. I have been able to find any support phone number. Any suggestions?

  5. Controlling the volume on the Google Assistant is easy if you state the percentage in place of raise and lower volume and it works great, such as "raise the volume 75%, and it makes the adjustment accordingly. Also Google's Assistant is much smarter than the echo, due to the Google's knowledge base environment. Lastly Google Assistant has a much better singing voice than the echo when singing "Happy Birthday", LOL.

  6. Remember the ereader wars? Amazon is going to step-up its game now that it has a competitor. I have both and I preferred listening to the echo for music. I'm also an Audible subscriber and I love the fact that I can continue my audio book (or kindle book) on the Echo. I think BT connecting and disconnecting from my phone very easy.

    I purchased the dot thinking I would get even better sound through my bt speaker or aux out to my bt speaker but, unfortunately, bt speakers go to sleep so you have to wake them up physically before you can tell the echo to play — integrated speaker with the device is the way to go.

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