Save Money and Time by Learning How to Burn PS2 Games


Have you ever thought about how to burn PS2 games so you could make backup copies of all of yours? Our advanced electronic technologies have provided us with exciting high-tech video game consoles on which we can play games stored on CDs and DVD disks. If you have a PS2 game copying software, you can start copying your PS2 game disks right away.

PS3 game disks deteriorate over periods of prolonged use. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong; it’s just that the DVD media deteriorates a little each time the disk is played or handled. The more you play and handle the disk, the greater the risk of damage. This means that your favorite games are going to be the first to stop working.

The safest way to protect your valuable PS2 games is to learn how to burn PS2 games and make backup copies of your entire collection. When you do this, should your original game get damaged, you’ll be able to play the backup game. The better idea, of course, is to store the original game and use the backup copy for routine play. If you damage the copy, you’ll know how to burn a PS2 game copy, and can always make another backup. This is excellent game insurance!

The standard copying software that probably came with your computer works well when copying music or video CD or DVDs, but they won’t copy the PS2 game disks because of their embedded copy protection code. You need special software to burn software for PS2.

Many gamers have moved on to newer game systems like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but there continues to be great demand for PS2 games. The developers of good game copying software recognize the continued popularity of PS2 games, and have included the ability to burn PS2 games in their game copying software application. There is a gigantic library of Playstation 2 games out in the marketplace. You can save a bundle by burning your own Playstation 2 games.

If you’re asking, “Can you burn PS2 games legally?” the answer is yes. Making backup copies of games that you legally own is legal if it is done to protect your gaming investment from loss or damage. If you buy a new and expensive PS2 game, and wish to make a backup copy when you get home, save the original game, and use the backup for daily play-you can do so legally. What is not legal, however, is copying your games to sell to someone else. That, my friend, could be a felony. Don’t do it.

It’s legally similar to the situation with the Playstation 2 emulators. Owning an emulator is not illegal, but using counterfeit game copies could land you in the clink. Keep this in mind when you make backup copies. Make sure you’re doing it for all the right reasons.

Actually knowing how to burn PS2 games is a snap for anyone that can follow directions. First and foremost, to play copied games on your Playstation 2 system, you’ll need to physically modify the consoles motherboard by soldering in a modification (mod) chip. These are sometimes available through local dealers, if not; they are always available from Internet suppliers. Different games use different chips. Ask the dealer’s advice to make sure that you are getting the right part. Remember that modifying your Playstation 2 system will undoubtedly void your system warranty. Be sure before you make the modifications. If you decide to do so, unless you are an expert computer repair person, find a professional to make the necessary modifications. Once the PS2 system is modified, it’s a snap to burn Playstation 2 games, following the steps given below.

1. Download and install a program called DVD Decrypter to your PC.
2. Ensure that you have a working CD/DVD burning program on your computer that is compatible with your games. Some PS2 games will require you to have a dual-layer DVD burner and dual-layer DVD blanks.
3. Open the DVD Decrypter.
4. Go to Mode -> ISO -> READ with the game disc inserted.
5. The software will create an ISO file.
6. Go to Mode -> ISO -> WRITE.
7. Select the previously created ISO file.
8. Follow the onscreen directions to burn the blank DVD.

That’s it. You’re done. You are now an expert at burning PS2 game disks. Now that you are expert at how to burn PS2 games, you can backup your entire PS2 games collection.

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