Samsung wide temperature refrigerator will be fresh in the end



Samsung, the world’s leading brands
appliances, recently introduced in one fell swoop “art of life, new life, practical life” balance of the three series of 20 new refrigerator, the refrigerator market in 2006 first opened the curtain.

Artistic life, fresh living, practical life of three series combination of high, medium and low-end products, not only is the Samsung refrigerator market segmentation for different performance needs, but also the first to reflect the development of technology trends refrigerator is to It merges the art, fresh and practical family life. In the manufacturers have did her best to fight the age of the refrigerator market, people from the new Samsung refrigerator, they also see new technology highlights: wide temperate change. Wide change in temperate

Cooling experts in nutrition and food nutrition and consumer habits found that years of research, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat and beer and other common food of life the best preservation and storage temperature are not the same, they are only in their most suitable temperatures can be sustained preservation. As a result, mainstream manufacturers have introduced a variable temperature refrigerator features three products, so that the refrigerator has “variable temperature zone,” the third space.

Until last year, three more in the refrigerator or as a “personal product” exists. But after 2005, the joint efforts of various vendors, three refrigerator has become a clear market and is emerging as a stronger influence.

Order to win market opportunities, sales of leading domestic and international famous brands in the fridge temperature functions also have quite remarkable. Samsung’s performance is particularly rosy. Samsung’s unique technology advantage, breaking the normal scope of a small refrigerator temperature abuse, in particular, design changes 22 wide temperate, far more than ordinary refrigerator about 10 variable rate, more food to meet the temperature requirements for the conservation of the environment . Academia to the Samsung refrigerator temperature of broadband technology presented a professional recommendation, experts say “have a substantial change in greenhouse refrigerator will be the best choice for consumers.”

Imagine, broadband technology will be in the refrigerator temperature to form a “free zone”: the winter in order to store more meat, you can adjust to changes in greenhouse freezing temperature; summer fruits and vegetables need more storage, you can be greenhouse adjusted to the cold temperature. As if a refrigerator in the “small refrigerator.” Samsung human technology has been tremendous and human science and technology skills, been received by users. The launch of the new refrigerator is no exception. As a core function of cooling products, Samsung refrigerators technically perfect performance in the cold. Set in the posterior wall of the common refrigerator evaporator, cold food from back to front to side cooling, due to the natural subsidence of air-conditioning, easy to produce high-top temperature the problem of low bottom temperature, the temperature difference be caused by uneven food The main reason for spoilage. Samsung’s innovative three-dimensional cold in the fridge to set upper loop DC fans, aluminum doors with metal cooling plate, the formation of three-dimensional cold flow in the cabinets, air-conditioning in every corner of patronizing fast, effective against temperature, at any time to maintain uniform temperature distribution, In this way, keeping even more unreliable. The deodorizing device compared with the static passive, Samsung refrigerators to increase direct cooling fan in the freezer, so that the rapid flow of static air to form active circulating air duct to infiltrate every corner of the refrigerator. With the photocatalyst sterilization, cold fresh deodorant catalyst, efficient culling of harmful bacteria and their decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, the rapid adsorption and decomposition odor, refrigerator odor problem solving, provides a cold, fresh food storage space. Only the superior technology, landscaping features refrigerator only has real value. Samsung refrigerator, as this break the traditional single color design, breakthrough into top-level representatives of the international fashion design pattern design panel cashew, the impact of classical and modern, so that the refrigerator is no longer simply a refrigeration tool, has become the home of quality works of art.

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